Thursday, July 13, 2006

Astronomy Internship - Day 32

I'm FINALLY finished with the first stage of reduction of these images! As a reward, I gave myself the rest of the day off since I was pushing myself to get 4 images done a day instead of my normal two. Being able to set my own schedule is wonderful.

After working, some of the group and I headed to the beach again. The waves were disappointing as I'm a fan of boogy-boarding and am looking to learn how to surf here eventually.

And for those that look forward to these updates on what goes on in the life of an astronomer, I apologize for them going up late occasionally. I typically write them throughout the day as I'm doing things, save them, and frequently forget to finish and post them at night. Then a few days later I'll remember that I still haven't posted some, hence the sudden post rush of three days all at once.

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