Thursday, July 13, 2006

Astronomy Internship - Day 34

I finished checking the subtractions today and they all look pretty good. With the exception of the B filters again. Thus, I proceeded with the next step which was to run through the process again, catching stars that were too close to others to get the first time around. I got through 12 of the images this afternoon, and should be finished with them tomorrow morning.

With that, I should be able to start actually producing some graphs and analyzing the structure of the color magnitude diagram (essentially a HR diagram). So after a month of work, it looks like I'm finally about to get some real science out of all this.

Meanwhile, I've been reading over a paper regarding my other project and looking at how we're going to be treating the data from the 2MASS survey in order to study the cluster in the JHK bands (infrared filters). The paper is slowly starting to make sense, but I'm sure when I actually start working with the data and seeing what they're doing, it will become even more clear. That's generally how things work for me.

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