Sunday, July 09, 2006

In the cookie jar again

The other day I posted about how, dispite their claims to the contrary, Christians have a history of viscously persecuting those that disagree with them. It may no longer be a full scale crusade, but the tradition continues.

I first mentioned Joann Bell's case in which she and her children were assaulted and her house was eventually burned.

I then posted about a Jewish family who was forced to flee their town due to fear of reprisal for a lawsuit to uphold the constitution.

But these aren't the only cases. In Oklahoma, another case has been brewing over two years in which a girl was kicked off a sports team at her high school for refusing to participate in a state sponsored prayer.

Her father went to talk to the principal and a scuffle ensued. The man then told he could leave the town (where he could no longer file charges against the school for his daughter's removal from the team), or face charges himself for battery.

He chose to face the gauntlet and was charged with a felony count of battery. Eventually he was found not guilty on all counts but the process to get such a verdict in a town full of "loving" (read: bloodthirsty) Christians was a difficult one.

He describes lawyers refusing to properly represent him or give him pertinant legal information, threats, and brush fires suspiciously starting upwind of his home.

So if you have some time, read over his testimony. It's not the most coherent piece of prose, but then again, how focused would you really be after a two year ordeal in which your family's lives were on the line, simply because you were an atheist and wished to uphold the constitution?

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