Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Astronomy Internship - Day 25

I slept until almost 11:00 today. Thanks to taking that nap yesterday, I was up fairly late. But since it's the 4th of July, we're off again today. I watched the Discovery launch and was happy to see things went smoothly.

From there, I headed to Jack In The Box for lunch because I'm so sick of the dining hall's food. I then went to the lab to continue working since I don't really have any better plans. That and I'd wanted to get further yesterday, but the migraine prevented me from getting what I wanted done, so I wanted to make up for that today.

Today's image had 220 stars to sort through. However, caffiene and real food (well, as real as you can call fast food) seem to have helped staved off a migraine. I got through one image and began another one, but again quit before going through the PSF fit routine.

I also realized that there's a lot more images in the folder than what I'd originally anticipated. Looking at the log sheet, I figured there were only 9 because after them, there was a break and then another 12. I was told there were two nights of data and I'd be working with the first night, so I interpreted things as the first night being before the break and the second night being after. However, when I looked at the numbering more carefully, I realized that might all be from the same night.

So I might have a lot more work to be doing. Total today I worked for about 3 hours. Not bad considering I was supposed to have the day off.

Afterwards I headed to dinner, which wasn't too wonderful either. I thought about heading back to the lab but got distracted and decided to walk around taking pictures instead. Most of them didn't turn out because they were blurred from being taken in low light. However, one did seem to work pretty well and I think is fitting for the 4th:

Happy 4th to everyone.

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