Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Spiritual experiences akin to hallucination

According to The Independant a group of researchers have shown that hallucinogenic drugs can cause expeiences identical to experiences that a frequently considered "spiritual" when not induced by drugs.

I would say that this is a "no duh" experiment since the use of drugs to cause spiritual journeys has long been practice of many groups. Historically it was has been used by Native American tribes, but has also been in the news recently for a Supreme Court battle over whether or not hallucinognic teas should be allowed for a Brazillian church, and a lesser court battle over a church worshiping their god through use of marijuana.

However, the study also goes on to note that many of those that used the drugs had improved moods and well being for as long as two months. I wonder how scientologists will spin this to their "drugs are bad mmkay" agenda.

Meanwhile, the reasearchers say they have no interest in the debate on whether or not God exists, and that their research "can't and won't go there." I agree that it can't answer that question, but it is yet another piece of evidence that mystical experiences can be fully explained without having to invoke the supernatural.

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