Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wall? What wall?

The religious right frequently reminds me of a very devilish child. When they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they turn on the big puppy dog eyes and claim that they don't have a cookie in their hand dispite the fact that you can see it right there.

And to make things better, they claim they've never ever taken cookies before (dispite finding half eaten cookies strewn about the house) and would never ever do such things in the future.

It's much the same with the fundamentalists. When accused of trying to establish a theocracy, they outwardly balk at the idea while inwardly giggling at the idea of a magical kingdom for them and their imaginary friends to play in.

But dispite their claims, the history of their actions is apparent when we look at the past actions and see the trail of cookie crumbs in the government sponsored prayers, and crosses, and postings of the 10 commandments... We've seen it in their attack on academic integrity, in their moral superiority, in their ethnocentrism.

The signs of their misdeeds are blazingly obvious yet they'll deny it's ever happened or that it means anything.

And yet again, we catch them with their hand in the cookie jar. In Memphis, TN, a local church has erected a new statue which symbolically demolishes the concept of the seperation of church and state. Have a look for yourself:

No torch has this lady. And that book? The ten commandments of course. And what says the crown? "Jehova" of course.

One of the preeminant symbols of America intricately tarnished by that which it is bound not to uphold.

Thomas Jefferson spoke of a "wall of seperation between church and state." With cookie in hand, they deny it but their smile says, "Wall? What wall?"

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